MaizeDIG – the Maize Database of Images and Genomes, a genotypic-phenotypic database, for maize based on BioDIG. MaizeDIG and tool set have been enhanced to handle multiple reference genomes and has been seamlessly integrated with the MaizeGDB Genome Browser to make custom tracks showing mutant phenotypes within their genomic context. It allows for custom tagging of images to highlight regions related to the phenotypes. This is accomplished through an interface allowing users to create links from images to genomic coordinates and to curate and search images by gene model ID, gene symbol, and gene name.

Image Search:
Image search tool provides A curated image has detailed information with following five categories: image description, gene model IDs, gene symbol, gene name, and image notes. Any of these categories can be searched individually or together with searching category option (using check box).

     Description (ID)
     Image Notes (IN)
     Gene Name (GN)
     Gene Symbol (GS)
     Gene ID (GI)

Other options:
Image search tool gets all data which contain keyword for each selected category option(s). It does not support wildcard searching such as * and ?.

Create a Gene Link at Workbench

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